But let’s start talking about Papaya: It is a fruit that comes from the papaya tree, arboreal plant that comes from the American continent, its culture spans all areas of warm tropical climate and you’ll find them in most markets.

The ancient Mexican cultures associated its medicinal uses with fertility, and its tree trunk has branches which can measure more than six meters, its leaves are dark green, rounded, a large and long.

Esclerificada has a little texture or woody, with many dents due to the movement of their leaves and fruit, sap substance has an enzyme called papain, which is an excellent complement to health and meat tenderizer.

Find out how to speed up your metabolism with papaya !!!

This fruit makes your metabolism speed up and work faster and also has properties, and improves digestion of proteins, keeps your metabolism and is low in calories and helps you lose weight. 

diet papaya

Want to know how to lose weight in 5 days with papaya?

Activates the metabolism and lose weight in 5 days with papaya diet:

Day 1 and 2:

The diet begins with two days of fasting, it is only necessary to feed on papaya throughout the day, and if you are more hungry eat more papaya. Keep in mind that you should not consume any other fruit, as it helps to lose weight quickly cleaning the impurities, and therefore does have stronger tissues thanks to its high content of beta-carotene.

You need not worry if this diet gives you a bit of diarrhea, constipation or headache, it is normal because the body was found in a healing crisis, this means you are eliminated accumulated rights, toxins, etc.

low weight with papaya

Day 3, 4 and 5:

In these three days you should drink a glass of water with lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil, with a plate of papaya. When 30 minutes have passed from when you have eaten papaya, you can consume yogurt with whole grains. And during the day to continue consuming papaya and some cooked and raw vegetables, you have to avoid foods that are made with flour or sugar, as the diet should be based on dairy products, vegetables and cereal products, so that papaya can remove all which is accumulated in your body.

Council: eating papaya whenever you feel like eating, (it is a very practical solution rather than starve), eating papaya every 6 hours, the same should be done with vegetables, you can toggle each dish every 3 hours or do a combination of both and eat the same every 3 hours.

(At no time should you abuse this method).