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It has made history: Nigeria banned female genital mutilation

A measure that should have been taken years ago.

FGM, female genital mutilation comprises all procedures that intentionally and for non – medical reasons, alter or injure the genitals of a woman.  This practice has no benefit to the health of women and girls, quite on the contrary, can cause severe bleeding and urinary problems, and cysts, infections, infertility and childbirth complications. Many are those who die in the process, as it is almost always done in a rudimentary way, with tools such as crystals, knives or razor blades contaminated.


That’s why I think that Nigeria has made history. Because by outlawing female genital mutilation, Nigeria breaks with an infamous tradition that takes years perpetuated, a horrible crime that seeks refuge in history and social convention but which, in practice, is nothing more than a violation, clear and concrete, human rights of women and girls worldwide. 


Because once promulgated the “Prohibition of violence against persons”, female genital mutilation and is not covered by law. Today, no one can say with pride that his daughter was cut, mutilated and humiliated to become a more pure woman. Because at least we know that it has recognized its illegality. This was one of the last acts of former President Goodluck Jonathan, and his successor, Muhammadu Buhari (who took office last Friday , May 29), should be responsible for perpetuating the order.


Some 140 million women and girls are currently suffering the consequences of this practice. And we can not be so naive. We can not dream that, starting today, not as macabre as this case will never be repeated again. But what we can do is applaud the step. For at least today, Nigeria is doing something for their wives. Probably not be able to eradicate it completely, from one moment to another, but at least today, you can look them in the eye without shame. 


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