How Raw Food Diet Entirely Changed This Woman’s Eye Color!


This is a before and after picture of someone’s eyes. You can see there is a stunning difference! One that may initially be hard to believe.

You’re probably asking yourself “But how did they change color?” The eyes are not only a window to your soul, as the saying goes, they are also an indicator of your internal well-being and balance according to an alternative health discipline known as iridology.

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A side effect of raw food diets reported by some people is that their eyes become clearer and/or their eye color may even change.

Those who stick to raw food diets believe that cooking makes your food toxic, and can leach out vital nutrients leading to an imbalance in our internal systems. They also claim that a raw food diet can help you get rid of headaches and allergies, boost your immune system and improve your memory; and simply make you healthier all around! 

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So, what is iridology?

Iridology, is an alternative form of medicine that determines health through eye color. If a patient’s iris displays unusual patterns or colors, that might indicate disease, its practitioners say.

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand a few basic things about eyes themselves. Your eye color is a genetic trait that is influenced by your parents’ genetic characteristics but does not necessarily conform to the regular patterns of genetics.

A child’s eye color, therefore, cannot be predicted accurately prior to its birth. The iris is the colored component of the eye. This color is determined by the pigment ‘melanin’. As a child begins to grow, the eye color is subject to change. This is because the melanin concentration in the iris keeps changing throughout the child’s formative years.

What is interesting to note here is that eye color is variable to a great extent. If a child’s eyes can change over the first few years of life, why can’t an adult’s?

The color of the human eye is determined by a set of three genes. Of these three, only two are well understood by geneticists. The way the genes influence human eye color is much more complex than previously thought. Colors alone cannot be positively labeled as being dominant or recessive based on their saturation and hue. Multiple possibilities arise when two strings of DNA recombinate in order to produce a completely new set of genes unique to the individual. This results in the iris acting like a fingerprint. No two people share the same patterning.

Here’s how they say it works: a raw food diet is claimed to improve circulation, which in turn improves the bodies ability to flush toxins from your body, and as a result can change the concentration of pigment in the eyes. Such effects may cause people to experience a surprising change in their vision as well as their eye color. According to “Living and Raw Foods,” the iris can change its pigment by the body regenerating new cells free of the toxins found in cooked food.

This topic is still being actively investigated and needs more research studies to scientifically back up such claims. However, we all know thatscience doesn’t always match up with experience. So many practitioners are unwilling to give up the idea that an iris’ color may shift through green, blue and, finally, light gray due to a healing benefit based on a raw food diet.

The main proponent of this phenomenon is Fully Raw Kristina.

Her video in which she explains how her eyes changed from brown to blue-green on a raw vegan diet has over 2 million views. She went to an iridologist, who explained that each part of your body and organs is reflected in your eye.

It’s like reflexology, where your body’s health is mapped out on your foot, but with your eye. Using iridology, you can see if there are internal problems.

In Kristina’s video, you can see the photos of her when she was a child and then a young adult with dark brown eyes. And then… there she is, 8 years later, with hazel eyes which are starting to turn blue!

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