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    They Say Microwaves Are Bad For You But THIS Is What They Don’t Tell You

    According to The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication and Computation (SMECC), more than 95 percent of American homes own a microwave oven because it is seen as “almost impossible/pretty difficult” to do without. Microwave ovens, originally sold as “Radaranges,” use technology that passes electromagnetic waves through food, exciting the molecules and causing them to move […]

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    Myth: GMO Technology Is An Exact Science

    You already know that GMOs are causing us to use more chemical pesticides which is a major problem but do you know all of the other actual facts about this mysterious three-lettered-label? Here are the top seven myths about GMOs—busted.  MYTH: GMOS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS 1/6 WHYFRAME/SHUTTERSTOCK Genetic modification is different from […]

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    Breaking: Bayer Just Bought Out Monsanto For $66 Billion CASH

    German chemical company Bayer (who have a terrible history, as we all know) are going to fork over a cool $66 billion in cash to buy one of the most evil corporations in America, Monsanto. The all-cash deal, the largest takeover ever by a German company and largest all-cash deal on record, will create a […]

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    Frankenweed – What You Need To Know About Monsanto’s Patent On Marijuana

    Despite marijuana being classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, GMO conglomerate Monsanto was recently approved for a patent on marijuana (U.S. Patent No. 6630507). At one point in time, you could actually be arrested for NOT growing hemp, as mentioned in the article, “ The Marijuana Conspiracy“: REFUSING […]

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    China denies exporting cans of human meat to African supermarkets

    The Chinese government has issued a statement strongly dismissing reports it is packaging human meat as corned beef and sending it to African grocery stores. The government was forced to respond after several African publications reported the allegations, made by Facebook user Barbara Akosua Aboagye in a post which has since been shared 26,168 times. […]

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    15 Deadly Foods Hiding in Your Kitchen

    ood, we all love it. We have whole rooms devoted to storing food, cooking food, and even watching TV shows ABOUT food. Food is a hobby, and something we delight in. Most importantly food is a necessity that keeps us alive and healthy. Unlike cavemen, we pretty much have our food classifications down to a […]

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    Monsanto Name Hated by Anti-GMO Forces May Vanish in Bayer Deal

    Bayer AG’s proposed $62 billion purchase of seed maker Monsanto Co. could mean the end of one of the most derided names in corporate history. As it has with earlier takeovers, Bayer would probably abandon the target’s brand name should the deal go through, according to a person familiar with the matter. Bayer no longer uses […]

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    High Fructose Corn Syrup Has Been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

    Consumers are finally catching on to the fact that what we put in our mouths effects our waistline as well as our health.  Since consumers have become much smarter and finally waking up to these realities, they are demanding healthier food choices. Every food company is smearing 100% natural on every box of anything regardless of whats inside the […]

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    Warning! Chinese Companies Caught Producing Fake Plastic Rice

    China has been routinely caught producing fake plastic rice for years now. Sometimes the rice is also made from potatoes to mimic rice. These fake rice grains look exactly like rice but remain hard after cooking. They’ve been trying to sneak in their fake rice to cut costs for years now and most American consumers […]

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    Shocking emails confirm Monsanto has been paying scientists to promote GMOs

    After a Freedom of Information Act request in early 2015, several scientists involved with pro-GMO campaigns had their emails turned over as there was believed collusion between them and big agri-chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow they were promoting. The request was made by US Right to Know, a nonprofit dedicated to exposing the “failures of […]