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Health Hazards

Video: 11-Year-Old Takes Down Monsanto In TED Talk


[eap_ad_1] The fight against Monsanto has heated up like never before, especially with the recent March Against Monsanto and other campaigns that have been rooted in similar activism. But the simple reality is that it doesn’t take a PHD to realize how Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply is an assault on the health of the world — an ...

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Budweiser’s GMO rice contamination exposed


The corporate braumeisters of Anheuser-Busch have let genetically engineered rice contaminate their Budweiser beer, independent laboratory testing has revealed. Tests show rice used in Anheuser-Busch’s east coast US breweries is contaminated with genetically engineered rice varieties outlawed in most of the world. Budweiser beer made with genetically engineered rice. True. Budweiser is an international brand exported to 60 countries worldwide.  ...

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Scientists Rebrand Genetically Modified Rice As ‘Nutritionally Enhanced’ To Test On Children


[eap_ad_1] Biotech companies continue to make profits at the expense of health by using genetic engineering to alter the breeding objectives in several countries. In 2009, China approved its first strain of genetically modified rice for commercial production. Tufts University researchers in Boston swapped the term “genetically modified” (GM) for “nutritionally enhanced” so they could proceed with a study testing GM ...

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Formaldehyde in Hair Styling Products Trigger Hair Loss Warning


Image SourceHair styling products can result in hair loss, as well as breathing difficulties and skin irritation, due to high concentrations of formaldehyde.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has said it has found hair treatment products on the market which contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde.Peter Kell, the deputy chairman of the ACCC, stated: “We have had complaints from customers ...

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Why is Addiction Still Considered a Personal Weakness?


[eap_ad_1] The Vast Emotional and Financial Costs of America’s Killer Epidemic When we hear about someone with a heart problem, HIV, cancer or diabetes we conclude they are ill. If we encounter people whose throats close when they eat peanuts or require epinephrine shots if they mistakenly eat shellfish, we understand there are aspects of their genetic wiring that make ...

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Where’s My Red Wine Pill? Resveratrol, the anti-aging saga of a drug that never was….


[eap_ad_5] It’s been a confusing couple of weeks for lovers of red wine and longevity. On March 8, Science published a paper demonstrating the mechanism by which certain molecules activate a family of proteins called sirtuins, which are thought to be responsible for some of the benefits of caloric restriction. (Those would include improved metabolism, resistance to cancer, and possibly ...

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Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed


[eap_ad_2] Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population– food. The adulteration of the planet’s staple crops, genetically-altered species and intentionally-altered water, food and air all amount to a Eugenics operation to weaken the masses and achieve full spectrum domination. People the world over, but especially in the United States ...

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Are You Afraid of Bacteria? You Shouldn’t be – Here’s Why


Washing your hands has proven to be a fantastic way to protect yourself and others from illness. If doctors hadn’t started washing their hands before operating, who knows where we would be today. But there is some concern that too strict adherence to hygiene could lead to other forms of illness by not giving the immune system a “workout” to ...

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Ban under-threes from watching television, says study

Children’s obsession with the television, computers and screen games is causing developmental damage, warn experts. Photograph: Rob Watkins/Alamy Doctors and government health officials should set limits, as they do for alcohol, on the amount of time children spend watching screens – and under-threes should be kept away from the television altogether, according to a paper in an influential medical journal published on ...

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Flu vaccine to be given to all UK children


[eap_ad_1] All children are to be given the flu vaccination after experts said it could save up to 2,000 lives a year.The scheme, which is expected to be rolled out in 2014, will see all children aged two to 17 given the vaccination through a nasal spray. Younger children will be given the spray by their GP and schoolchildren will receive it at school.The ...

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