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Health Hazards

Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed


[eap_ad_2] Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population– food. The adulteration of the planet’s staple crops, genetically-altered species and intentionally-altered water, food and air all amount to a Eugenics operation to weaken the masses and achieve full spectrum domination. People the world over, but especially in the United States ...

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Are You Afraid of Bacteria? You Shouldn’t be – Here’s Why

Washing your hands has proven to be a fantastic way to protect yourself and others from illness. If doctors hadn’t started washing their hands before operating, who knows where we would be today. But there is some concern that too strict adherence to hygiene could lead to other forms of illness by not giving the immune system a “workout” to ...

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Ban under-threes from watching television, says study

Children’s obsession with the television, computers and screen games is causing developmental damage, warn experts. Photograph: Rob Watkins/Alamy Doctors and government health officials should set limits, as they do for alcohol, on the amount of time children spend watching screens – and under-threes should be kept away from the television altogether, according to a paper in an influential medical journal published on ...

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Flu vaccine to be given to all UK children


[eap_ad_1] All children are to be given the flu vaccination after experts said it could save up to 2,000 lives a year.The scheme, which is expected to be rolled out in 2014, will see all children aged two to 17 given the vaccination through a nasal spray. Younger children will be given the spray by their GP and schoolchildren will receive it at school.The ...

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Flu Vaccination Is Largely Ineffective


[eap_ad_5] A couple of weeks ago I had my elderly parents over for lunch. The subject of flu vaccination came up. My father is dead set against this practice and views flu as a largely self-limiting illness that rarely leads to significant complication. He’s right. My mother, on the other hand, has dutifully attended her doctor’s clinic for the last ...

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Flu Shot Being Forced on Health Workers

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[eap_ad_1] Why don’t they want it? Because some of them know too much. Here’s the whole tawdry tale. This week we learned that hospital employees throughout Colorado will be fired unless they get a flu shot by the end of the year. New state health regulations require flu shots for health care workers to be phased in over the next several years, ...

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Breaking: Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Govt Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ


[eap_ad_1] If the scientific link between fluoride exposure and a noted decreased in IQ is a conspiracy theory, then perhaps the Harvard researchers who just confirmed such a link should be tarred and feathered by the ‘evidence-based’ medical media. In a telling review of a variety of studies that have demonstrated just how significantly fluoride can damage the brain and ...

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Aspartame exposed – GM Bacteria used to create deadly sweetener


[eap_ad_1] The manufacturers of the most prevalent sweetener in the world have a secret, and it`s not a sweet one. Aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in thousands of products worldwide, has been found to be created using genetically modified (GM) bacteria. What`s even more shocking is how long this information has been known. A 1999 article by The Independent was ...

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Monsanto’s Fading Grasp – Group Calls on South Africa to Ban GMO Corn


[eap_ad_1] Following in the footsteps of nations like France and Russia, South Africa may soon be the latest nation to enact a ban on Monsanto’s GMO corn that was recently linked to tumor development and organ damage in rats. South Africa’s African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), a watchdog organization that was created to protect consumers from various biotechnology dangers, is now calling on South African authorities to ...

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Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk


[eap_ad_1]   Russia’s decision could be followed by other nations The European Food Safety Authority orders review in to the research, conducted at a French university Experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats – two years The findings found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage The same trials ...

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