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  • Myth: GMO Technology Is An Exact Science

    You already know that GMOs are causing us to use more chemical pesticides which is a major problem but do you know all of the other actual facts about this mysterious three-lettered-label? Here are the top seven myths about GMOs—busted.  MYTH: GMOS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS 1/6 WHYFRAME/SHUTTERSTOCK Genetic modification is different from […]

  • The Rook by Wind River Tiny Homes

    The Rook by Wind River Tiny Homes is one of the most creative tiny houses we’ve come across.  The exterior consists of painted vertical siding with exposed stainless screws and a custom roofline. Inside is an incredible display of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Everything from the custom welded bookshelf with fold down desk to the herringbone […]

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  • Scottish children don’t need these government spies

    The SNP’s disturbing, seven-year obsession with looking through the nation’s keyholes to ensure we are all behaving, sitting straight, eating properly and getting to bed early continues. It is surely only a matter of time before the Scottish government’s children’s minister, Aileen Campbell, is invited to North Korea to make a presentation on how her […]

  • 7 Ways to Remove Monsanto From Your Life

    Most of us in the natural living community know Monsanto and its terrible impact on the environment. There recently was a March Against Monsanto movement where over 200,000 people in over 40 different countries held protests against Monsanto, namely their unmitigated spread of GMO seeds. What is GMO? You can read more about that here. Monsanto has […]


    Mushrooms are a superfood. Almost fat and calorie-free, they are packed full of vitamins and minerals (which is probably why many children think they’re poisons!) They are a very rich source of protein, so are a staple for vegetarians too. If you love them and would like to eat them fresh it’s probably better to […]

  • Plastic Free: How To Plant Seeds Using Eggshells

    We were excited when our Sprout Robot alert went off that it was time to start broccoli seeds indoors this weekend for our zip code. With the move and being in the midst of colder months, we are seriously lacking in the gardening department, except for our avocado sprouts. Evidently, eggshells make the perfect size […]