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  • Garlic Soup! 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics (RECIPE)

    Garlic soup, made of 50 cloves of garlic, red onion and thyme can beat numerous flu infections, colds and even new winter norovirus infection. The anti-infection and alternate prescriptions appear to be less effective, that why individuals choose natural cures, in light of the fact that the infections get to be stronger and resistible. Toward […]

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  • 2 Delicate Microgreen Salads Plus Creamy Green Dressing

    MICRO-GREENS! I’m not sure if it’s because Spring is just around the corner, or because each day brings more sunlight, but lately I just cannot get enough micro-greens. Last week I was having guests over and I decided to create some fancy side salads using micro-greens. Both of these salads are loaded with tasty superfoods, […]

  • Nicolas Trainerbees, the Beekeeper That Has Managed to Get His Bees to Make Honey with Cannabis Resin

     The French beekeeper has self-medicated with cannabis since a very early age and he defines himself as someone that is passionate about nature and training all kinds of animals. Both of these factors have led him to spend years researching how to combine the properties of the plant and the insects that he dedicated his […]

  • 1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA

    A 1,000-year-old treatment for eye infections could hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs, experts have said. Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a cow’s stomach. They were “astonished” to find it almost completely wiped out methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA. Their findings will be presented […]


    These raw food balls are really good . Super simple to do , making the perfect to throw together when you get a sweet tooth or need that extra energy. The combination of cashews , vanilla and lemon is absolutely fantastic ! Scroll past pictures for recipe!! Raw Cashewballs with lemon, coconut and vanilla Recipe […]

  • 92 Year Old Granny is the “Weed Queen” of Marijuana Cuisine

    Meet 92 year old, Aurora Leveroni, aka ‘Nonna Marijuana’- the Italian medicinal weed chef from northern California. Aurora knows that food is medicine. She has a backyard farmacy where she grows various strains of marijuana, which she uses in all her edibles. She runs a  genuine mom and pop, garden to table medical marijuana operation. […]